January 19, 2018

TomTom has unveiled its latest Nav system, tailored for trucks.

TomTom has released a new navigation system specifically for trucks. The Pro 5150 Truck Live provides essential information on weight, dimension and hazard restrictions. The system gives drivers’ access to specially designed truck routing across 45 European countries, taking into account: … [Read more...]

Smart move for smartphones Use your smartphone legally while behind the wheel

Leading portable satnav manufacture TomTom has launched a Hands Free Car Kit for smartphones, enabling motorists to phone and drive without breaking the law. Although many new cars now come as standard with Bluetooth enabled media and navigation systems, TomTom’s new Car Kit aims to bridge … [Read more...]

Don’t blame me, blame the Sat Nav –

We have all been there - desperately looking for signs, arguing with our spouse, asking for directions from people who don’t know North from South. That was back when people didn’t have electronic wizardry to assist them through every turn. Now of course we have come to take for granted the … [Read more...]

TomTom GO 520

This great-performing sat nav from TomTom works well, with easy installation and programming, clear audio guidance and cutting-edge features. The poor windscreen mounting mechanism of old TomTom models has been addressed with the Go 520, which uses a much simpler and more effective suction … [Read more...]