February 21, 2018


Product review: Pioneer TS-WX210A If you’re keen about listening to music in the car, then the chances are your standard stereo setup will leave wanting more – whether it suffers from a muddy sound or lack of bass… or both! While replacing the main speakers with better aftermarket … [Read more...]

Waterless wonder: Showroom Shine product review

Clean your car without water, car shampoo or chamois leather. Showroom Shine from Greased Lightning, adds to a growing range of products offering waterless cleaning. The system combines cleaners and wax to remove dirt, while also adding a protective layer of Carnauba Wax to your car's … [Read more...]

Analogue-air: Tyre pressure gauge from Race X

With a plethora of digital tyre pressure monitors on the market, it’s refreshing to see one of the good old analogue variety, especially when it’s of the quality on offer here. The Race X Professional even comes with its own protective plastic carrying case. In use the device is extremely … [Read more...]

Robo-Nav: TomTom navigation software is now available on android smartphones

TomTom have announced that their navigation app for Android is now available to download from Google Play. The driver-focused navigation software joins the existing navigation app for iPhone, bringing TomTom direction-finding usability to millions more smartphone users. The key benefits of … [Read more...]

Portable Solar Power for your car

The Fold-up Solar Panel from Solar Technology offers the perfect solution for drivers leaving their cars for extended periods of time – such as when going away on holiday. It gets around the problem of your battery going flat, by supplying a top-up trickle charge of power. The panel is encased in … [Read more...]

Philips SPC900NC: Mid-Priced Web Wonder

Introducing the best webcam in the world – well according to Philips anyway! The SPC 900NC webcam is purpose-built for web casting and home monitoring, incorporating state-of-art technology. Special features include Automatic face tracking, that keeps you in the frame no mater what and Digital … [Read more...]