January 19, 2018


By: Chris Walsh Twitter @cwalsh_uk The Audi Q5 doesn’t quite seem old enough to warrant a facelift yet but that is exactly what Audi has gone and done. Combining subtle styling revisions with equipment enhancements and economy gains, the remodelled range is now available to order from around … [Read more...]


Recent snow and icy weather has resulted in a surge of sales of 4x4 and SUVs, but would these buyers have been better of simply equipping their existing car with winter tyres? Autocar magazine has pondered this seasonal question by conducting a test between a two and four-wheel driven Skoda … [Read more...]


By: Chris Walsh Twitter @cwalsh_uk Driving cars for a living can be a mixed bag. Most of the time, I get to pootle around in wheeled metallic boxes that really ought to be described as just that. Occasionally, when I’m really lucky, I actually get the chance to watch my life waste away in … [Read more...]

Robo-Nav: TomTom navigation software is now available on android smartphones

TomTom have announced that their navigation app for Android is now available to download from Google Play. The driver-focused navigation software joins the existing navigation app for iPhone, bringing TomTom direction-finding usability to millions more smartphone users. The key benefits of … [Read more...]

All for one and one for Ford: Ford’s global small SUV model to arrive in UK 2014

Ford has revealed plans to introduce its new all-new EcoSport to the European market.  Originally developed by Ford Brazil, the budget small SUV is already on sale in South America and India. Now under the ‘One Ford’ program the compact SUV will be styled and engineered for European tastes. The new … [Read more...]

TomTom has unveiled its latest Nav system, tailored for trucks.

TomTom has released a new navigation system specifically for trucks. The Pro 5150 Truck Live provides essential information on weight, dimension and hazard restrictions. The system gives drivers’ access to specially designed truck routing across 45 European countries, taking into account: … [Read more...]

News: Added Intensity For New Audi TT RS Plus

By: Chris Walsh Twitter @cwalsh_uk                     Audi has just loosened the leash on the already extreme TT RS to create the new TT RS plus, an more focused version of the high performance sports car with … [Read more...]

Driven: BMW 530d M Sport

By: Chris Walsh Twitter @cwalsh_uk                     This week’s review was intended to be about BMW’s super new 3 Series Saloon. That was until the press car booked for me picked up a mysterious and … [Read more...]

New Jaguar XJ ‘Ultimate’ Announced

By: Chris Walsh Twitter @cwalsh_uk For those of you who enjoy the finer things in life – you might want read this. Because Jaguar has just announced plans to create the most luxurious, opulent and elaborate XJ in the car’s 45-year history. Based exclusively on the long-wheelbase version, the … [Read more...]

Driven: Chevrolet Aveo, 1.2 LT

By: Chris Walsh Twitter @cwalsh_uk Combining some pretty masculine looks, some sporty (ish) handling, decent fuel economy and great all-round versatility, the new Aveo becomes a credible five-door alternative hatchback that delivers little compromise. The new Aveo has a completely … [Read more...]