February 18, 2018

Stick your satnav on this! Review of Nav-Mat, portable Sat-Nav Dashboard Mount

Philip Shoulder

Like most people these days, you probably have got a satnav and just like most people, you will know that your cherished route-finding device has the habit of leaving annoying suction marks on the windscreen.

This not only looks unsightly, but also poses the risk of making your car a target for opportunist thieves on the lookout for an easy steal.

So up until now, every time, you parked, you were left with the chore of wiping away any traces of your sat-navs’s existence.

Nav Mat Sat Nav anti slip mat

Cue the Nav-Mat, from Universal Mobile electronics. This portable Sat-Nav mount gives users the ability to mount their sat-nav on the dashboard. The product looks like a big black donut. The underneath is coated with non-slip rubber and the middle section consists of black shiny plastic. It is this middle section that you attach your satnav’s sucker to – in exactly the same way as for windscreen attachment.

The bonus here is that removal of the satnav consists simply of lifting Nav-Mat off the dashboard.

In use:

Used with an older Tom Tom, such as the Go 300, 700, 520 or 910, the Nav-Mat proved to be a success. The Tom Tom’s lockable suction mount ensured solid adhesion to the Nav Mat’s base and the adjustable bracket allowed flexibility in the positioning of the Tom Tom – very useful in overcoming screen glare. There were the occasions on bumpy roads where the mat would shuffle around the dash a little, although never to the extent of falling off completely.

Problems arise however when the product is used on a steeply raked dashboard. This was much more of an issue when used with the new generation of Tom Toms – such as the 520 and 730 series. These units use a different bracket attachment to their predecessors. The problem is that the bracket mount is too short, so consequently there is insufficient clearance of the Tom Tom over the lip of the Nav-Mat. On our Vauxhall Astra test car the rake of the dashboard was so steep that the glare of the sun on the Tom Tom’s screen made it un-viewable from the driver’s seat.

This may not be so much of issue with other flatter dashboards, but is still a major flaw of the product.

What the manufacturer says:

The most convenient mounting accessory for your portable Sat-Nav device. Turn your windscreen mounted Sat-Nav device into a dashboard mounted Sat-Nav device.

The Nav-Mat combines the physics of weight distribution along with high tech anti-skid materials creating a solid mounting base for your window mounted device.

With a no fastening and no tools installation, the Nav Mat can easily be moved from vehicle to vehicle and keeps your Sat-Nav in close view.

Nav Mat Tom Tom 910


Effective with older Tom Tom Units (including 300, 700, 520 or 910)

But not recommended for new flat screen Tom Toms (including One V2 and One XL, 520 and 730 series), unless you are prepared to buy a longer sat nav bracket, like the offerings from Vivo – available to purchase on various internet sites, including pdamods.co.uk and Amazon.co.uk http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tomtom-Alternative-Mount-VIVO-BRANDED/dp/B000ZZUW58

Nav Mat Tom Tom 730

Convenient to quickly put on dashboard and remove, without the need of detaching Sat Nav from the mat.

Quite bulky to store when not in use
Effectiveness dependent on Sat Nav bracket – check before buying.
Warning: Be careful not to position over the passenger airbag area of the dashboard –  there was no mention of this in the instructions.

Other user’s opinions:

J. Dyas (London)
On flat roads driving sensibly this product does what it says on the box, the problem is if you have to accelerate up a hill, the sat nav (mine is a normal size Garmin live 540) and the mount will still land up in your lap everytime.

See full review at: http://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R32LWORVLS2V79/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm

Mrs. Caryll Rowland

I’ve always been delighted with my sat-nav but found it a fiddle to attach it to the windscreen every time and then it leaves the tell-tale marks. However, since I’ve had the Dash Mount what a difference it makes – it is so easy to use, once the actual mount is fixed inside the mat it’s there to stay and thereafter the Dash Mount can be put anywhere on the dashboard for the driver’s convenience. Brilliant, I love it and can’t recommend it highly enough. Worth every penny.

See full review at: http://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R604JZN2MD308/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm

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Where to buy:

Available on Amazon.com priced at £19.99

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