January 19, 2018

Waterless wonder: Showroom Shine product review

Clean your car without water, car shampoo or chamois leather. Showroom Shine from Greased Lightning, adds to a growing range of products offering waterless cleaning. The system combines cleaners and wax to remove dirt, while also adding a protective layer of Carnauba Wax to your car’s paintwork.

Showroom Shine claims to clean shine and protect in one, so it promises to be both easy to use and convenient.

We found it effective on a lightly soiled car, but less so on a filthy one, where the cloths quickly became saturated with dirt. Alloy wheels with baked-on brake dust also proved tough work using Showroom Shine.

However for spot cleaning bird droppings and tree sap, or freshening up and waxing a recently washed car, Showroom Shine worked wonders, excelling on metal, glass, plastic and paintwork.

It’s easy to apply, the liquid polish just sprays onto the car and is worked into the bodywork using one cloth and  then buffed off with the other. It required less elbow grease than many conventional heavy wax polishes and on our Audi left no streaks or smears.

In detail
Greased Lightning – ‘Showroom Shine’

Price £19.99 Rating ****

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Maker’s claim:

“The revolutionary way to clean your car and get that ‘new car’ look in minutes.”

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