February 21, 2018

Something to lean on: Improve in-car comfort with the Armster

On long journeys it’s great to be able to slump back in your seat and lean on something comfortable – yet increasingly these days,  modern cars don’t come with centre arm-rests as standard.  Luckily there is a solution at hand with the ArmSter armrest.

The ArmSter is a fully adjustable padded center armrest that can be used by both front passengers. The lid lifts to reveal a handy cubby storage area, big enough for keys, sweets, pens, or even a razor. When not in use, the complete upper unit is hinged and can be pushed upwards between the front seats. The main arm rest unit measures 300mm x 120mm.

The unit is available to fit in most cars. The model we used came with fitting instructions specifically for our car – a Peugeot 207 – and took about 15 mins to fit. Once installed we found the ArmSter to be secure, comfortable and well built. The padded leatherette sliding top has the facility to slide forwards 50mm when in full use, or backward by the same amount when not required.

The unit is available to fit in most cars. A full list can be found at

In use the only niggles we noticed were while the armrest was in the down position, access to the handbrake and other switchgear was restricted; so it was best to leave the ArmSter upright for shorter journeys.

What the Manufacturer says:

The ArmSter™ armrest is a unique concept in comfort, flexibility and storage. This fully adjustable high quality centre armrest provides practical styling to any vehicles interior. Specific to each individual model ensures a perfect secure fit to OEM standards.

Its unique features allow height adjustment along with a choice of black or grey padded leatherette sliding top which extends forwards making car journeys a pleasure for both driver and passenger.

ArmSter Armrest

Price: From £62.65 Rating ****
Problems? Might block access to your handbrake when in the ‘down’ position.
So why buy?
Provides extra storage and more comfort for longer journeys. Well built, easy to fit and has plenty of adjustment.

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