February 21, 2018

Portable Solar Power for your car

Portable-solar-power-gadget-reviewThe Fold-up Solar Panel from Solar Technology offers the perfect solution for drivers leaving their cars for extended periods of time – such as when going away on holiday. It gets around the problem of your battery going flat, by supplying a top-up trickle charge of power.

The panel is encased in a housing of hard wearing ABS material, so can be used either in or outdoors and comes with a 2 year warranty.

We found the Fold-up Solar Panel to be very effective, as it prevented our car’s battery draining even when the radio was left on for several hours. The unit itself was easy to set-up, which simply involved opening the panel, positioning on the dashboard and plugging the cable into the car’s 12V cigarette lighter socket. A green LED illuminates to indicate charging is in progress.

However, while charging using the cigarette socket the electrical load blew the 15 Amp fuse in our test car. It was necessary to replace with a higher 20 Amp rated fuse. Once this was done it worked without fuss. If this solution doesn’t work, another option is to connect directly to the battery using the alternative supplied 2.5M lead ,which comes fitted with crocodile clips.

Fold-up Solar Panel

Rating ****
Price £19.99 from: www.amazon.co.uk

May be necessary to use higher rated fuse if connecting via car’s 12V socket.
So why buy?
Effectively keeps your car’s battery topped up, well made and easy to carry.

Further information 01684 774000  www.solartechnology.co.uk

What the manufacturer says:

Prevents batter drain in cars, trucks, caravans, boats, motorcycles and much more…

The Solar Technology Portable Solar Power System is a simple, effective and compact way to charge and maintain 12 volt batteries.

Whether preventing a car battery from going flat whilst parked at an airport, or maintaining and extending the life of a caravan battery whilst in winter storage, the Portable Solar Power System as the power to ensure your battery will work when you need it most!

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