January 19, 2018

Debug your aircon with ACP Pro Air, Aircon system Cleaner

The ACP Pro Air Aircon System Cleaner promises to eliminate the nasty odours caused by the build up of bacteria on your car’s air-conditioning condenser. But is it the answer to an increasingly common problem?

Pro Air was relatively straightforward to use, although the instructions could have been clearer.
It’s advised that all windows are closed and any belongings are removed prior to treatment. The canister can be placed in the rear footwell of the car, or in between the handbrake storage area. The engine must be turned on and the air-conditioning system switched to re-circulate on full-fan power. All that remains is to depress the nozzle-lever down and exit the car.

This is a water based, non-toxic product, although we felt in necessary to open the windows after use – to allow the strong chemical smell to subside to tolerable levels.

The results were mixed. Although significantly reduced, there were still traces of the musty odour from the ventilation system. Also, after using the product, there was sticky residual left on the dashboard trim and windows, which took quite a bit of cleaning to remove.

Maker’s claim:

ACP Pro Air Conditioning and heating system cleaner is a double action product containing a powerful antibacterial agent and odour neutraliser.

When this product is used as instructed it will:

Deodorise and sanitise the vehicle’s interior and ducts

Stop odours at their source

Leave behind a micro-layer of active ingredients to prevent bugs and germs from building up

Make the vehicle smell like new

ACP Pro Air Aircon System Cleaner

Price £20              Rating ***
01656 74 77 38 www.shieldautomotive.com
Sticky residual after use, not all odour eliminated
So why buy?
Easy to use. Does significantly reduce aircon odour

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