February 21, 2018

Perilous parking

With city parking rates forever on the rise, motorists are increasingly being driven to more and more desperate measures to find a safe and affordable place to park their cars.

Well, for the owner of this vehicle in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, the sky… or a least the high-rise, was the limit.

How the red Toyota Yaris came to be parked on a third floor apartment balcony, remains unclear: perhaps the owner has a special arrangement with a local crane driver – who knows.

Despite the obvious benefits of this location: no pesky parking wardens, complete safety from car thieves and vandals – to name but a few – we can’t help but think that the owner would have been better off leaving it in the street like everyone else. After all, where else would nipping out to the shops for a pint of milk involve a 60ft crane lift and drop to terra firma. In spite of this one thing’s certain – we must be careful, with parking at a premium in the city, this drastic high-in-the-sky solution doesn’t catch on… otherwise ‘drop me outside my apartment’ will bring on a whole different meaning!


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