February 21, 2018


Belgian lady's satnav problem

A Belgian lady ended up travelling through 6 countries and a total of 1,800 miles as she believed her satnav. Disturbingly the intended journey was only 38 miles and that was to meet a friend at a railway station.

67-year-old Sabine Moreau originally planned to drive 38 miles to Solre-sur-Sambre in Belgium to pick up a friend at the station, but  her satnav decided to take her on a rather more interesting route which ended near Zagreb in Croatia.

As she did not turn to pick up her friend, her son believed she was missing and a missing persons hunt was started by Belgian police.

Her total distance travelled was 1,800 miles. The entire trip took a total of sixty hours including sleeping in the car in service areas. It is suggested that there she must have accidentally selected a Croatian destination instead of her Belgian one.

Advice know roughly where you are going before you believe you satnav. I do remember over-riding my satnav instructions when going to see my daughter in Bristol – it kept suggesting going off the motorway and thought it was a short cut. But when I stopped for a coffee I found the satnav wanted to go to Scotland – which was naughty.

National Theatre Zagreb


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