January 19, 2018


Motoring and aircraft enthusiasts were in seventh heaven this August bank holiday weekend (23rd and 24th August), as Surrey’s famous aerodrome played host to Wings and Wheels 2014.

In fact, this 10th annual show proved so popular – with more than 40,000 visitors descending on Dunsfold, near Guildford (home to BBC’s Top Gear) – that on-the-day ticket sales had to be stopped by lunchtime.

wingsandwheels2014_Motoring _Demo_Credit_Tony_Hart

Credit Tony Hart

As always, hundreds of cars were on display for crowds to drool over, including a mix of modern and classic models from Porsche, TVR, Ferrari, Ford, MG and Mini, to the stunning Napier-Railton Special and Railton Terraplane Sport Tourer.


White Helmets – Credit Rob Sambles

wingsandwheels2014_writeonmotoring_014In the Stunt Zone there was an exciting display of drifting expertise, demonstrated by a quartet of modified Japanese motors from ‘South Evolution’, including Mazda MX5, RX7 and Nissan Skyline and 350Z. Meanwhile, The White Helmets performed spectacular feats of balance, death defying crossover rides and outstanding acrobatics on their hand built British Millennium Triumph 750cc motorcycles.

Screaming Eagles Reenactment 1 Tony Hart

Screaming Eagles Reenactment 1 – Credit Tony Hart

The military vehicle and car parades showcased the eclectic mix of vehicles at the event, whilst the re-enactment battles from the Screaming Eagles went off with a bang.


Chinook – Credit Tony Hart

Running alongside the motoring festivities was a spectacular 5 hour air display, kick-started on both days by the Chinook military helicopter with its gravity defying manoeuvres, before the Mitchell soared through the sky in the first of the historical aircraft with close links to the Aerodrome.


Lancasters – Credit Rob Sambles

D-Day’s 70th anniversary was fittingly celebrated by a collection of aircraft from World War II, including the Old Flying Machine Company’s Spitfire and Mustang, Aces High Dakota DC3 and the RNAFHF B25 Mitchell. The highlight of this classic air-military assemble undoubtedly being the once in a lifetime formation made up of the Canadian Lancaster and BBMF Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane.


Red Arrows & Crowd credit Tony Hart

Red Arrows & Crowd – Credit Tony Hart

Of course, no air show would be complete without an appearance from the legendry Red Arrows, who celebrated 50 years in the air with an immaculate show on Sunday. Airborne entertainment drew to a close with the explosive demonstration (thanks to some pyrotechnic power!) by the Apache Attack Helicopter Display Team.

Further information available at www.wingsandwheels.net


  • Wings and Wheels 2014 - WZ Parade - Credit Tony Hart
    Wings and Wheels 2014 - WZ Parade - Credit Tony Hart
  • Credit Tony Hart
  • Credit Tony Hart
  • Credit Rob Sambles
  • Credit Tony Hart
  • White Helmets – Credit Rob Sambles
  • Screaming Eagles Reenactment 1 – Credit Tony Hart
  • Credit Tony Hart
  • Chinook - Credit Rob Sambles
  • Lancaster - Credit Tony Hart
  • B25 Mitchell Credit Tony Hart
  • B25 Mitchell Credit Tony Hart
  • Hunter - Credit Rob Sambles
  • Vulcan & Gnat - Credit Tony Hart
  • Gnat Display Credit Tony Hart
  • Vulcan formation - Credit Tony Hart
  • GWDT - Credit Tony Hart
  • Apache Demo - Credit Rob Sambles




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