February 21, 2018

TomTom has unveiled its latest Nav system, tailored for trucks.

TomTom has released a new navigation system specifically for trucks. The Pro 5150 Truck Live provides essential information on weight, dimension and hazard restrictions.

The system gives drivers’ access to specially designed truck routing across 45 European countries, taking into account: truck type, load, height, weight, length, restrictions, and maximum speed. Based on these restrictions and the world’s biggest database of actual road speeds, IQ Routes, the Pro 5150 Truck Live calculates realistic arrival times and helps avoid narrow and dead-end streets, sharp turns, u-turns, low bridges or clearances, and narrow tunnels. TomTom claim that drivers are consequently less likely to get stuck, delayed or drive unnecessary distances.

The Pro 5150 Truck Live also includes one year’s free ‘Live’ Services including TomTom HD Traffic which help drivers reduce travel time and avoid congestion. This makes journeys quicker and safer, improves ETA accuracy and reduces fuel consumption.

Being geared for trucks and lorries, Pro 5150 can be upgraded with Webfleet® fleet management software. This helps hauliers to ensure drivers’ hours are within working time laws. Online logbook and reports also aim to improve planning efficiency, by sending pre-defined routes and job details to the navigation device.

Other features incorporated in the new system include TomTom places – which helps drivers’ choose the best stops en route; and free daily map updates with TomTom Map Share.

Priced at £269 excl VAT, the 5150 Pro Truck Live will go on sale later this month.

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