February 18, 2018

New BMW 4 Series Announced

BMW4Series_writeonmotoringBy: Chris Walsh

Twitter @cwalsh_uk

Typically flowing proportions and an instantly recognisable silhouette define the initial shape of what is surely, soon to be announced, as the new BMW 4 Series. Shown here, is the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe but one glance tells you all you needs know about BMW’s Audi A5 counterpart.

Precise contours and multifaceted surfaces define the face of the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe. The hallmark front-end still features the traditional kidney grille and twin circular headlights ensuring this car continues to be recognised as a BMW. The front-end design displays a clear link with the BMW 3 Series family but a slightly sportier take on the theme, accentuates the sleek leanings of the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe.

The car’s proportions also fit the familiar BMW template: long wheelbase, long sweeping bonnet, setback passenger compartment and short overhangs. At the same time, its coupe proportions promote an athletic elegance. The rear wheel arches mark the widest point of the car, while the Coupe’s new detailing also captures the version of a familiar design. Functional elements such as air intakes and vents, door openers and exterior mirrors are also given a lift with classy satin-finish aluminium accents.

The side windows also adhere to the slim and stretched theme. The exterior mirrors extend out of the new shoulderline and provide another example of BMW’s eye for detail that allows aerodynamic function to be integrated neatly with aesthetic appeal. The wheelbase is 50 millimetres longer than that of the existing 3 Series Coupe, while 45mm has been added to the front track and 80mm to the rear.

The new character of the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe continues in the low-slung design of the rear. The horizontal lines and stretched tail lights positioned at the outer edges of the rear draw extra attention to the wheel arches and wide track. The design of the rear window has a lowering effect on the car’s tail and gives the body, as a whole, a powerful look. A tightly structured concave indent in the rear creates shadowed surfaces, which apparently, give the car more of a forward-surging energy.

Prices and spec are yet to be announced but you can expect them to be somewhere similar to that of the current 3 series.