January 19, 2018


Love cars but hate cooking? This rather unconventional, exotic Italian automotive method may just be the answer.

Turkey can sometimes be a criticised for lacking flavour, but a turkey cooked this way will acquire a strong exhaust gas aroma, so cranberry sauce may well be superfluous.

We thank car blogger Tim Burton for ably demonstrating this extreme automotive Turkey roasting system, but somehow feel practical considerations will prevent this high octane flame-blasting method from displacing the tried and tested ‘cook in oven for 2 hours’ technique. We’re pretty sure Jamie Oliver would be in agreement, too!


Unconventional Oven: Mr Burton stands behind the Lamborghini Aventador supercar,
while the owner guns its 700 bhp motor.


  • X1 Large open space where no one is likely to complain about the noise.
  • X1 £300,000 Oakley Design Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 supercar and accompanying owner.
  • X1 Christmas turkey
  • X1 Pitchfork
  • X1 Car enthusiast (preferably equipped with flame retardant gloves and ear plugs)


Two people are required to implement this automotive turkey roasting method.

Person 1
Get into Lamborghini Aventador and fire-up the engine.
When ready, begin revving engine hard enough for the exhaust to emit flames (usually between 6000 – 8000 rpm).

Person 2
Attach turkey onto pitchfork and stand a foot away or so from the rear of Lambo.

Hold the bird in alignment with the exhaust flames, turning occasionally to ensure even cooking coverage.

Continue for around 10 minutes, until the Turkey is golden brown… but not black!

Serve and enjoy… if that’s possible! Otherwise discard Turkey and go home for Christmas dinner (recommended).


Supercar cooker: Browned turkey was ready in 10 mins


Video via YouTube/Shmee1500




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