January 19, 2018


Adding a touch of extra luxury and comfort to your car is always a welcome boon. Automotive aftermarket accessory firm Armster, has released their second generation armrest, the Armster2. This car armrest boasts improved strength, a higher quality finish and more features than before. Armster2 Armrest car armrest reviewArmster2 Armrest car armrest review

Key Features:

Armster 2 is available in two different colours and has a padded leatherette finish. The armrest is adjustable for height and slides fore and aft by 50mm. Inside there’s a felt lined storage area with pen and coin holder, along with a separate portable pocket, which can be removed from the unit and attached to your belt. Armster2 Armrest car armrest review

In use:

Out-of-the-box the Armster2 looks and feels like a quality product. We found that the grey leatherette top-surface padding very closely matched the upholstery of our Vauxhall Astra’s interior – helping it to look like an integral part of the car, rather than an ugly bolt-on accessory.

Opening up the lid reveals a felt-lined storage area, large enough to easily house a satnav, phone, removable radio face, or keys.

The Armster2 proves a good height in which to perch an elbow and still safely grip the steering wheel, adding a good degree of comfort – especially when driving on the motorway. However, the top armrest pad could perhaps do with a touch more padding, to give it a truly luxurious feel. Armster2 Armrest car armrest review

There’s also ratchet adjustment to enable you to adjust the arm pad to the desired angle. We did find that Armster2 (in the down position) did slightly obstruct access to the seatbelt and handbrake. Of course, this will depend on the car and what position you have your seat in, but on our Vauxhall Astra it involved some contorting of hand and arm. Annoyingly, even in the upright position the Armster2 does restrict elbow room, and we weren’t sure on the likelihood of the removable pouch actually being removed from the car –  although it could be used to hold parking money, sweets,  or other small objects.


Armster2 Armrest car armrest reviewEach Armster is vehicle specific, meaning it has been designed to specifically fit a variety of different makes and models. Installation is a simple process and will take between 10 and 20 minutes. No specialist knowledge or tools are required – only a screwdriver and a drill. However, fitment does require drilling four small holes in your car’s trim, but this is clearly outlined in the instruction leaflet. Even after the screws are in place, there may be some movement, depending on how sturdy (or otherwise) the car’s trim is.

Armster2 Armrest car armrest reviewThe mounting bracket does slightly cover the original handbrake cubby. In some cars this won’t matter because this may be only small and there is of course storage built into the Armster2 itself.

Armster 2 Armrest

Price £87.00 Rating ****
Problems? Might restrict access to your handbrake when in the ‘down’ position. Quite expensive.
So why buy? Very well made and enhances car interior, while also providing genuine comfort and storage upgrade. Easy to install and bespoke mounting bracket fits a wide range of different models.

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