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If you’re considering purchasing an electric vehicle, but aren’t keen on the idea of trailing extension leads, then read on for an explanation of the British Gas and Chargemaster home charging solutions, along with some of the variation in power cable plug types, offered with the current crop of electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

British Gas:

Electric-Vehicle-Charging_British_Gas_Wall_Box_charger_Charged_up_EV_OwnershipWorking in conjunction with all the main EV car manufacturers, British Gas is currently offering a free installation of an electric wall mounted charging box. It’s compatible with all current electric cars on sale and British gas will work out the appropriate socket to use in your wall box charger – whether that’s the five pin type 1 or seven pin type 2 Menekes variety.

Both types of plug are included in the installation price (or free during this offer period), which includes a 16 amp charging box, providing a 6-8 hour charge time. However if you want the benefits of 4 hour fast charging – only available with the higher 32 amp charger  –  then this will cost an additional £99 including VAT. The 32 amp fast charging is available with both the type one and type two plugs.

To arrange installation, all you have to do is go to the British Gas website www.britishgas.co.uk/electricvehicles, and fill out an online application form, (typically taking 5-10 mins).

Once the online form has been completed, British Gas will contact you to check the order and at this point you can request an upgrade to the more powerful (32 amp) wall box charger.

For more information contact the Electric Vehicle general enquiry line
0800 980 8175


Chargemaster_Polar_homecharging_solutions_Nissan_Leaf_EV_Ownership_writeonmotoringChargemaster Plc provides a comprehensive range of electric vehicle charging solutions that have been developed to accommodate new technological advances and the growing demands of the electric vehicle industry.

Working in conjunction with most EV manufacturers, Chargemaster offers a free 3kW home wall box charger installation (valid until March 31st) and a 7 kW unit is available for an additional charge of £95 including VAT.

According to Chief Executive, David K Martell, the home charging solutions are available to anyone with a suitable driveway – ownership of an electric car is not required to qualify – and chargers of both the type 1 and type 2 variety are included in the offer. “The only stipulation being that we know the type of electric vehicle before the installation, to ensure the customer gets the correct unit”, adds Martell.

To guarantee universal fitment with a variety of different electric vehicles, Martell advises going for a unit with a type 2 socket (rather than tethered cable), and then as long as the charging cable provided with your car has a type 2 plug on it, you will have a universal fitment”, he says.

The only proviso with this offer being that all charging boxes supplied under this scheme have to come fitted with an O2 sim card, that uses GPRS to collect data on charging usage.

For full information on the chargemaster home installation offer, click here.

Contact: sales@chargemasterplc.com


Cable and charger permutations can vary slightly, depending on the manufacturer. Below is an overview of what’s offered with the current crop of electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

Volvo V60 Plug in Hybrid:

Volvo_V60_Plugin_British_Gas_Offer_writeonmotoringVolvo supplies a UK household three-pin to Mennekes terminated cable as standard with its Plug in Hybrid model, which for an additional £50 can be upgraded to a full Menekkes to Menekkes lead.

The 16 Amp wallbox charger is offered as a no-cost option with the vehicle purchase, through a British Gas/Polar partnership, with customers able to opt out of the installation if they wish. The offer (running until the end of March 2014) includes access to more than 1,800 public charging points across the country.

Full information on the Volvo/British gas  offer can be found here

Renault ZOE:

Renault_Zoe_Electric_Vehicle_Charged_up_EV_Ownership_writeonmotoringRenault’s ZOE comes with free supply and installation of a 7kW/32 amp tethered type 2 Mennekes domestic wall box charger, which is able to fully replenish ZOE’s battery in three to four hours.

ZOE’s standard on-board Chameleon charger automatically recognises what the power supply is and charges at the maximum rate possible, thereby allowing the customer to derive maximum benefit from all three different types of charging.

Click the link below for more information on the Renault ZOE British Gas free home charging solution.


Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid:

Plug-In-Prius-Electric_vehicle_writeonmotoringAs standard, the Prius Plug-in Hybrid is supplied with a UK household three-pin socket to type one charging cable. Through the British Gas/Chargemaster partnership, customers qualify for a fitted free home wall charging unit (residential properties only, subject to survey and being able to receive an O2 signal).

The free home wall-mounted charger comes with a tethered type one five pin cable (a socket version is available at extra cost), as Prius cannot be fast-charged and so won’t derive full benefit of higher charging rates, afforded by type two Mennekes. However, an optional type one to type two Mennekes cable can be purchased for an additional cost of £523, to use at suitable public charging points.

More information on the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid and British Gas home charger installation offer can be found here.

Nissan LEAF:

Nissan_LEAF_electric_vehicle_Charged_up_EV_Ownership_writeonmotoringThe LEAF doesn’t come with a wall box fitted as standard, but Nissan advises customers to take advantage of the current British Gas offer of free 16 Amp home charger wall box installation. From £99 this can be upgraded to 32 Amp, giving shorter charging times.

For an additional £850, faster charging can also be achieved both at home and out on the public network, by upgrading the LEAF’s standard 3.3kW on-board charger to 6.6kW, which includes the supply of a type two Mennekes lead, in lieu of the standard 3-pin cable.

Vauxhall Ampera:

writeonmotoring_Ecovelocity_report_Vauxhall-Ampera_Charged_up_EV_Ownership_Charged_up_EV_OwnershipAs with the other manufacturers, Vauxhall uses British Gas as its default supplier and installer of free home charging points.

All Amperas come as standard with a UK household three-pin socket charging cable in the boot, although Vauxhall is also currently offering an Ownership package and Drivers package (specifically for company car drivers). These include a type two Mennekes charging cable, giving faster charging times, and a £335 allowance to make up the difference on the Government Charging point scheme, which means the customer can have a free home charging point installed, (unless the civil work and installation is greater than £1335). Alternatively they are free to elect to use any supplier of their choice and use the £335 contribution to cover installation costs.

Further information:
Vauxhall/British Gas Free Electric Vehicle Charging package

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