February 18, 2018

Bad weather sparks demand for Winter Tyres

Kwik-Fit Fleet has reported a surge in demand for winter tyres in the last two months as motorists gear up for the onset of harsher weather.

The company, which launched its winter tyre programme in September, said it had fitted 2200 winter tyres a week since the start of October. It warned a global tyre shortage, triggered by recovering car sales in the wake of the recession coupled with legislation to promote the use of winter tyres, meant supply may not be sufficient to meet demand.

“We have been advising our fleet customers since September to order winter tyres if they require them,” commented Kwik-Fit fleet sales director Peter Lambert. “While some organisations were quick off the mark, others have still to make a final decision. The rate at which our technicians are fitting winter tyres is growing daily, however with the first serious winter weather having arrived, the time has come to be decisive.” Lambert added that since the company announced its winter tyre programme it has been “inundated” with requests from fleet operators to have their vehicles equipped with tyres that are better suited to cold weather conditions.

“We have ordered thousands of winter tyres from our suppliers and they are in stock at our National Distribution Centre in Northamptonshire,” Lambert continued. “However, to arrange for the appropriate tyres to be delivered to a convenient Kwik-Fit centre and for customers to make time in their busy schedules to have them fitted takes a few days. We would therefore urge prompt ordering to avoid disappointment.”

Justin, a tyre fitter from Kwik Fit Epsom branch spoke of this year’s unprecedented public interest in winter tyres.

“There has been a lot more people buying winter tyres in the UK the last two years, although we really only started heavily promoting them this year. We now stock three different brands and there are also new ones becoming available from different tyre manufacturers.”

He continued: “They really can make a difference even when there isn’t any snow. Special compounds are used with an optimum combination of silica and natural rubber enabling the tyre to remain flexible at low temperatures and grip the road better.”

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