January 19, 2018

Portable Solar Power for your car

The Fold-up Solar Panel from Solar Technology offers the perfect solution for drivers leaving their cars for extended periods of time – such as when going away on holiday. It gets around the problem of your battery going flat, by supplying a top-up trickle charge of power. The panel is encased in … [Read more...]

Check your tyre pressures at a glance with the Tyre Pressure Monitor

Philip Shoulder How often do you check your tyre pressures? Weekly, fortnightly, monthly…..or longer? Everybody is supposed to know the importance of keeping correct tyre pressures - after all it’s common sense right? Yet I’m always amazed at how many cars I spot with under-inflated tyres. I wonder … [Read more...]

Vest-Style harness keeps your pet safe when travelling

Most people are now aware of the importance of wearing a seatbelt while driving, but how many people realise the importance of similarly restraining their beloved pet. Pets and their owners are both at risk in an accident if not suitably restrained. At 30mph, the average Labrador is believed to … [Read more...]

BELKIN Cassette adapter

Want to listen to your iPod, but stuck with your old car cassette deck? Belkin have got what appears to be the perfect solution with this cassette adapter. The technology is far from new. Back in the 1990s these devices were designed for use with portable CD players. Fast forward to the iPod age … [Read more...]

Stick your satnav on this! Review of Nav-Mat, portable Sat-Nav Dashboard Mount

Philip Shoulder Like most people these days, you probably have got a satnav and just like most people, you will know that your cherished route-finding device has the habit of leaving annoying suction marks on the windscreen. This not only looks unsightly, but also poses the risk of making your car … [Read more...]

Sansa MP3 player review: Clip by name and Clip by nature

Love your MP3 sounds, but don't want to take your precious iPod to the gym or out jogging? Cue the Clip from Sansa, available with 1, 2, 4 and 8 MB capacity. I tried the 4GB version and was impressed with this micro-size digital juke-box. It offered decent sound quality and offered up to 30 hours … [Read more...]

HP Mini-note 2133 (Linux)

The HP Mini-note creates a stylish and classy first impression, with its brushed metallic finish and glossy screen that belies its relatively low-end price. Everything about the machine feels exceedingly accomplished, with a compact yet sturdy feel. There are two versions of Mini-note available, and … [Read more...]

Philips SPC900NC: Mid-Priced Web Wonder

Introducing the best webcam in the world – well according to Philips anyway! The SPC 900NC webcam is purpose-built for web casting and home monitoring, incorporating state-of-art technology. Special features include Automatic face tracking, that keeps you in the frame no mater what and Digital … [Read more...]

SelkinWashMatik – hosepipe-free car washing made easy.

How many times have you put off washing your car, from not being able to face untangling the twisting mess of dirty hosepipe lying in the shed? Or maybe you don’t have access to a tap. Up until now the only alternative was continually refilling buckets of water – not exactly an enticing prospect if … [Read more...]

Apple iPod Touch 16GB

The 16GB iPod touch is the 6th generation of the digital music player and carries many of the features associated with the iPhone.Its just 8mm thick and has an extra wide 3.5inch screen. As with the iPhone it has a touch-screen interface, and you use this, rather than the click-wheel so familiar to … [Read more...]