January 19, 2018


Love cars but hate cooking? This rather unconventional, exotic Italian automotive method may just be the answer. Turkey can sometimes be a criticised for lacking flavour, but a turkey cooked this way will acquire a strong exhaust gas aroma, so cranberry sauce may well be superfluous. We thank … [Read more...]


A Belgian lady ended up travelling through 6 countries and a total of 1,800 miles as she believed her satnav. Disturbingly the intended journey was only 38 miles and that was to meet a friend at a railway station. 67-year-old Sabine Moreau originally planned to drive 38 miles to Solre-sur-Sambre … [Read more...]

Perilous parking

With city parking rates forever on the rise, motorists are increasingly being driven to more and more desperate measures to find a safe and affordable place to park their cars. Well, for the owner of this vehicle in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, the sky… or a least the high-rise, was the … [Read more...]


The Sat Nag is the greatest in-car invention since the Sat Nav. Actually - it's better than a Sat Nav, and even if it's guaranteed to get you nowhere fast, it taps into humour that we can all relate to – well men can anyway! Press the button on the front and a wonderfully condescending woman's … [Read more...]