February 21, 2018


SEAT_Mii_Ecofuel_writeonmotoring_newsSEAT has unveiled details of its first-ever gas powered car, the Mii Ecofuel.

Unveiled earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show, the new Mii Ecofuel is SEAT’s  lowest-emitting production car, using compressed natural gas (CNG), to give high efficiency and significantly reduced running costs.

Fuel-saving Ecomotive Technology, including a Start/Stop system and a Brake Energy Recovery system, also play their part in achieving low fuel consumption and a CO2 emission figure of 79 g/m.

The 1.0-litre, 68 PS engine is based on the three-cylinder petrol unit found in the Mii (with 60 PS and 75 PS outputs), but has been specifically developed for CNG operation.

The low CO2 output is coupled with the emission of significantly less carbon-monoxide and hydrocarbons. By-product unburnt residual methane is processed by a modified catalytic converter.

Despite being specifically engineered to run on CNG, the Mii Ecofuel engine can also use unleaded petrol. With a full CNG tank (11 kg), a range of up to 240 miles is possible; with the reserve 10 litre petrol tank extending the travelling distance by up to 140 miles.

SEAT claims that with a full tank, a total range of up to 380 miles can be achieved.

A fuel level indicator in the instrument panel informs the driver of the level in both the gas and the petrol tank, and the ranges available in both operating modes are also shown in the multi-function display.

Initially, SEAT plan to introduce the Mii Ecofuel in markets such as Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the Czech Republic where there is a clear demand for CNG fuelled cars and the infrastructure to support it.

Disappointingly, there are currently no plans to sell the Mii Ecofuel in the UK, owing to lack of supporting infrastructure.




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